Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Iraqi Civil War in 2007?

It seems likely that W and his Bush League minions now know a terrible civil war is looming in Iraq - they just want to postpone it until after the US midterm elections.
Mr. Hakim criticized the United States and Sunni parties that encouraged the insurgency. Responsibility for the attacks, he said, rested "on the multinational forces and the political powers that declared publicly their support for terrorism."

"Our people will not be patient for much longer with these dirty sectarian crimes," he said.

Mr. Hakim's criticism of the United States referred to recent pressure from the American forces to rein in the Iraqi security forces, which are under Shiite control. American officials have cited growing evidence that Shiite leaders have carried out a program of torture and assassination against Sunni Arabs.
(Source: New York Times An Iraqi Leader Says No More Changes to Charter, Jan 11, 2006)
Before W's Excellent Iraq Adventure, anti-war activists reminded everyone about George Bush Sr's prediction of anarchy and civil war if Saddam Hussein was overthrown by US troops. Interesting that W and his Bush League minions will talk the news media into blaming those same anti-war activists for Bush's complete failure in "bringing democracy to Iraq."


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