Friday, January 27, 2006


Repubs Begin Moving Away From "In Your Face" Corruption

Looks like the light of public attention is making these cockroaches scurry back to the shadows:
Yesterday, the staff director of the Senate Republican Conference said that a K-Street-job-vacancies memo -- the heart of Congress's remaining involvement in the effort these days -- will no longer be distributed during high-level meetings hosted by the conference on Capitol Hill between lawmakers and lobbyists. Responsibility for the listings migrated from the House to the Senate several years ago, according to lobbyists.

While lobbyists and others could still obtain the information elsewhere, the change removes the formal involvement of lawmakers from the process and any implied encouragement by them to transform K Street into a Republican bastion.
(Source: Washington Post GOP Freezes Jobs List, a Vestige of the K Street Project, Jan 26, 2006.)
Note, please, that they're still doing it - just not quite so openly...


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