Sunday, January 08, 2006


Things to Smile About

Click on the link, see something to smile about

Look who's talking - with SPINICH on his tooth!

Once again we're back to a culture of permissiveness! Bush has turned into a damn hippy!

And, of course, Jon Carroll:
So what I can't get is the Bush administration's hysterical reaction to the revelations. A presidential spokesman named Trent Duffy said, "The fact that al Qaeda's playbook is not printed on Page One, and when America's is, it has serious ramifications."

(Al Qaeda's playbook? Does it sometimes seem to you that the government is being run by retired athletic directors?)

But seriously, can you envision a terrorist picking up the New York Times and saying, "My God, men, the government may have been listening in to our telephone calls. Quick, let's find another way to communicate." I think probably they've figured that part out by now. I think the idea that the New York Times somehow leaked super-duper secrets to the enemy is ludicrous.


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