Sunday, March 05, 2006


Was Pat Tillman Hunting Quail?

The New York Times reports that the Defense Department is opening a criminal investigation into the "friendly fire" death of Cpl. Pat Tillman. Here's the bit that caught my eye:
Col. Joseph Curtin, an Army spokesman, said that the scope of the new inquiry had yet to be defined but that investigators would look at whether the soldiers violated military law when they failed to identify their targets before opening fire on his position.
(Source: New York Times Army Ordered to Look Again at Battle Death, March 5, 2006 [emphasis added.])
Dick Cheney didn't identify his target before opening fire, and he wasn't even in a combat zone. Why prosecute grunt-level soldiers for the same type of mistake made by the Vice President of the United States? Is this yet another Bush League double-standard - the "It's OK for Rich White Guys to be Careless With Guns" rule for Deadeye Dick versus the "relentlessly prosecute any enlisted personnel generating unfavorable news stories" standard for folks actually putting their lives on the line?


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