Tuesday, January 25, 2005


The US Will Decide Whether Israel Attacks Iran

Well, so much for "plausible deniability" The BBC reports:
Mr Peres, widely regarded as the father of Israel's secretive nuclear deterrent, dampened suggestions that Israel was planning pre-emptive strikes against Iran, as hinted by Mr Cheney.

"The party that will decide is the United States," Mr Peres said.

"If we go it alone, we (Israel) will remain alone. Everyone knows our potential but we also have to know our limits.

What in heaven's name is Cheney playing at by announcing Israel might do things unilaterally that Israel turns around and says only the US could decide? The Bush Administration just successfully helped Al Qaeda AND the Iranian mullahs again by making Israel appear to be a US puppet. Al Qaeda and Iran can now blame the US for everything Israel does in the future - from stealing more Palestinian land to any future Israeli attacks on Lebanon, Syria - or Iraq.

If Mr. Bush's team spent half the time scripting their foreign policy as they do the president's public appearances, these problems would not occur.


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